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Grace Set


~To my James, Valentines 2002~
~My Friend~

My journey in life,
Was to be his wife,
When he's not home,
I walk alone.

He makes my life complete,
But cannot speak,
I am his wife,
He gives me life.

A life time and more,
Down deep to the core,
Gold and silver mean naught,
We know what we got.

A lifetime we share,
Not so hard to bare,
Our journey together,
Could be stormy weather,
But life can abide,
With you by my side.

~February 14, 2002~©


~My Mum~

For those left behind,
Your heart with a piece missing,
Taken away too soon,
Life will no longer be complete,
Your walk through life loving them,
Your heart will always have a piece missing.
August 15, 1992~ ©



Sunshine is a ray!
I'm glad we have met
Sounds strange to say,
"over the net"
I've never seen your face
Don't even know your race
This has never mattered
You are my ray,
I have been flattered
And so proud to say
You are my friend
A blessed and peaceful trend
Can be blind
By a layer of skin
They don't see within
You are my ray
I am so proud to say.

February 1, 2002~©


~Fishermen off Scotland's Shore~

For all good fishermen sail away
And scour the seas for many a day
And now grown rich with cargo stored
They steer their course, for Scotland's shore.

For men of the ocean
Their lives set to motion
While wives wait on shore
For their good men, while breakers roar.

The sea is our way of life
For me, the wee ones & wife
But, it can also bring sorrow
On the the ocean, with the dawn of the morrow.

We are the fishermen of the sea
All of my mates, the captain, and me
We work where the fish are & birds soar
We've done it for years, on Scotland's Shore.


~Gordie B~

I have left...
That which was once by body
I have separated...
Body, mind and soul.
You no longer serve a purpose
Housed me for so many years.
I have left...
For somewhere else to dwell
Aren't you listening?
I am no longer here
I have left...
No use to shed a tear
I have gone home.

~ February 21, 2002 ~©

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