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~ Testing & Re-Testing ~


~ Diet, Exercise, Medications, and Education ~

Once disbetes is diagnosed, treatment is planed by the person with diabetes and the health team.
Treatment for good control depends on the type of diabetes but includes:

a. a meal plan
b. an exercise program
c. medication when necessary
d. adequate weight control
e. help in adjusting to the new way of life

There is a community of educators and dietitians that can explain the importance of following meal plans, monitoring the control of sugar, taking madication, and exercising daily. Social workers may help with the development of a sensible attitude towards diabetes and with the adjustment to the new lifestyle.
Education brings an understanding of diabetes and a commitment to good control of diabetes. Following a commitment to good control of diabetes, life with diabetes can still be full and satisfying.

~ Testing & Re-testing ~

This is one way of controling diabetes, the little machine is called a glucometer. It is one of the most accurate sugar tester for the diabetic at home. But always make sure that you get your glucomter tested at least once a year with another one, the best place is when you go for your annual check-up at the hospital.
Checking your levels before eating you have an idea how much insulin to take or how much food, you have an idea what your body is doing. How much activity, stresses in your life or a cold can all change your readings. So test, test, test.

This formula is for Canadians to convert to American Glucose readings, regarding glucometer readings:

Take the American glucose reading and divide by 18. This way you will get the equivalent Canadian number.
Example: American Reading (99) Divide by 18 gives the Canadian Reading of (5.5)

I have only touched the surface of diabetes and its effects, there is a world of knowledge for anyone by contacting a medical team, and dietician that are more than willing to help. Diabetes is not to be put off, if you suspect you have it, get help, you can have a very fulfilling lifestyle, but you must know the signs and take the help offered, in other words, take control of your life.

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