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~ Type 1 ~


~ Diabetes ~

Type 1

Frequency is less than 20%
Age at onset is usually under 40
Symptoms are often Dramatic
Onset is rapid (days or weeks)
Family History is less common
Heredity is a possibility, but it is often hidden
Weight is usually thin
Ketoacidosis is frequently at risk
Insulin that is made by the pancreas is low to adsent
Insulin injections are always necessary.

The most careful treatment os diabetes is not a cure. Injected insulin is life-saving, but cannot restore normal conditions.
The complications of diabetes can cause certain parts of the body to be particularly at risk. Serious long-term problems may include heart attacks, kidney disease, nerve damage, eye disease, which could lead to blindness, strokes, and limb damage.
In Canada, long-term complications make diabetes the third leading cause of death.
The best fight against these complications is early diagnosis combined with carful treatment. Even with good treatment, some complications may still occur. Just the knowledge, to be aware of the symptoms, to keep weight within normal limits, to have regular medical check-up, and to see your doctor early if you suspect diabetes.

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