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Laz Laz Juliet SilkeyKay Starr Starr
CindiLoo Kathi Montonya Pippa Lyn Tina Kay Amanda Kathi Misty Saki
Vicky Angel Dee Angel Dee Starr Starr Starr Silkey Kay Silkey Kay Montoyna Pippa Montoyna Pippa
Lyn Vicky Montoyna Pippa Tina Kay Tina Kay Tina Kay Lyn Silkey Kay Silkey Kay Juliet
Silkey Kay Vicky Vicky Misty Rain Cisco Kid Jan Seren Seren Jan Cisko Kid
Lyn Silkey Kay SilkeyKay Lady Red Lyn
Cyndi Loo Seren
Lyn Seren
Silkey Kay

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"I saw the angel in the marble
and carved until I set him free."


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Candle in the Wind